Bitcoin ATMs by Kvakomat

Kvakomat ATMs allow you to sell or buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for cash.

Currently, you can find our Bitcoin ATMs in key cities of Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Kvakomat is part of KvaPay, a platform that provides modern tools for working with cryptocurrencies.

Buy cryptocurrency in 3 simple steps

The Kvakomat bitcoin ATM network is the easiest way to buy bitcoins. Without extra time and paperwork. You just need to find our bitcoin ATM near you and follow three simple steps:

Scan the QR code
Insert cash
Receive cryptocurrency
Buy and sell bitcoins for cash

Our ATMs provide flexibility in cryptocurrency exchange, allowing you to both transfer cash into cryptocurrency and exchange cryptocurrency back into cash. Find the nearest Kvakomat ATM and take advantage of cryptocurrency exchange at favorable conditions.

6% Commission*
7 Cryptocurrencies
27 Cities
46 Bitcoin ATMs

Average. A detailed table of fees can be found in the profile of each ATM.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Kvakomat ATMs are designed to simplify your cryptocurrency transactions. Just follow the simple instructions on the screen!

In case you have any questions, you can check our FAQ or contact our support team in any convenient way.

Features of Kvakomat ATM
Bitcoin ATMs are a simple, fast, and secure solution for buying and selling cryptocurrency.

Received + €10,000


The average transaction time is 5 minutes


Ease of use from mobile devices

Global Coverage

Find the nearest locations on the map

Wide Selection of Coins

You can buy or sell BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, DOGE, XRP, ADA


Bitcoin ATMs guarantee ease of use


The ATM maintains server communication exclusively via HTTPS protocol


Limited collection of personal information


Register on KvaPay and get a modern and free cryptocurrency wallet

Cryptocurrency Rates in Kvakomat
Bitcoin (BTC)
Etherium (ETH)
Litecoin (LTC)
Dogecoin (DOGE)
Ripple (XRP)
Cardano (ADA)
Lightning Bitcoin
Lightning Bitcoin (LBTC)
57011.12 EUR
3064.31 EUR
67.7976 EUR
0.9707 EUR
0.1177 EUR
0.5145 EUR
0.4240 EUR
57011.12 EUR
51951.55 EUR
2884.23 EUR
61.9206 EUR
0.9158 EUR
0.1000 EUR
0.4800 EUR
0.3900 EUR
51953.42 EUR
Last Updated 1s ago
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The Kvakomat ATM network is a product of the KvaPay company.

KvaPay offers reliable solutions in the blockchain and cryptocurrency payment sector.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How to sell cryptocurrency for cash at Kvakomat?

To sell cryptocurrency for cash directly at Kvakomat, you need to follow these steps: 

  1. Find the nearest Kvakomat: Use our map or Google Maps to find the nearest cryptocurrency ATM.
  2. Transfer cryptocurrency to the ATM: Approach the cryptocurrency ATM and select the type of cryptocurrency and the "Sell" option. Follow the instructions on the screen, enter the amount. Add your phone number if you want to receive an SMS about the completion of your transaction. After that, Kvakomat will print a receipt with the address and instructions. Perform the cryptocurrency transfer to the wallet address indicated on the receipt. Note that the larger the commission you specify for the transaction, the faster the transaction will be confirmed. 
  3. Receive cash: When the network confirms the transaction, you will receive an SMS confirmation of the transaction (if you entered your phone number). Approach the Kvakomat, scan the QR code from the previously issued receipt, and receive cash.
  4. Storing the receipt (optional): At the end, Kvakomat will issue a receipt for the completed operation. Keep it in a safe place as confirmation of the transaction.
How to buy cryptocurrency at Kvakomat?

To buy cryptocurrency at Kvakomat:

  1. Find the nearest Kvakomat: Use our map or Google Maps to locate the nearest cryptocurrency ATM to you.
  2. Select cryptocurrency and enter the purchase amount: Approach the cryptocurrency ATM and start the purchase process. Choose the desired cryptocurrency from the available options and enter the amount you want to buy.
  3. Confirm the transaction: Follow the instructions on the ATM screen to confirm the transaction. This will require accepting the terms of the deal.
  4. Scan the QR code of your crypto wallet: You need to provide the address of your wallet where the purchased cryptocurrency will be sent. To do this, scan the QR code of your cryptocurrency wallet address. 
  5. Insert cash into Kvakomat: Make sure the amount and wallet address are correct and press the purchase button.
  6. Store the receipt (optional): At the end, Kvakomat will issue a receipt for the completed operation. Keep it in a safe place as confirmation of the transaction.
What is a cryptocurrency wallet and where can I download it?

A cryptocurrency wallet can be either a separate mobile application or available for creation on the KvaPay platform after registration.

Where are your Bitcoin ATMs in my city?

You can find all the Bitcoin ATMs with their operational status, photos, and addresses on our map. Follow our news and social media to stay updated on new locations.

Do you offer the sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin?

The list of all cryptocurrencies with current rates is presented in the Kvakomat Cryptocurrency Rates table, and also each ATM profile has a table with commissions for each coin.

My transaction is "stuck" and doesn't go through in the first block

This happens with low transaction fees. In this case, you need to wait 1-4 days for the transaction to go through. Contact technical support for more detailed information.

The ATM dispensed the wrong amount or did not dispense at all

You need to immediately contact the support service and report the situation. Our company's reputation is extremely important to us, and we will help you as soon as possible. For this, it is necessary to provide as much information about the incident as possible — the location of the ATM, the time and date of the transaction, the unique identifier. Providing the receipt will help resolve the situation more promptly.

If the nearest Kvakomat to you is not working, what should you do?

If you find this Kvakomat on our map and go to its profile, you will see that alternative locations, which are the closest, are suggested at the bottom. You can use one of them. You can also contact our support if the ATM is the only one in your city, so we can send a technical specialist there as soon as possible.

Kvakomat does not print a receipt or QR code due to lack of paper

In this case, please contact our support service and provide the address of the ATM. We can always send an electronic version of the check to your e-mail.

I want to cancel a transaction

Since our ATMs operate on a blockchain network in which transactions are completely irreversible, this is technically impossible to do.

The only way is to initiate a new transaction in the reverse direction.

What is the average time to accept a transaction?

In most cases transactions are processed in a few minutes, but sometimes it can take longer. We are always ready to help you with unblocking a transaction, even if it is due to low fees for miners or other issues. Contact us for support.

What is a miner fee?

The commission for miners is a universal fee for processing transactions on the blockchain that averages 2-3 euros. It covers the cost of the computing power required to verify transactions on the cryptocurrency network. This fee is passed on to a miner or computer anywhere in the world that is involved in verifying blocks of transactions in the blockchain.

The speed at which your transaction is approved depends largely on how much fee you set in Kvakomat using the slider.

Why can't I withdraw funds from Kvakomat despite many confirmations and the past few days?

Please contact us at one of the suggested contacts. Don't forget to include your transaction ID in the message header.

What is the limit after which I have to undergo verification?

You will have to undergo a verification procedure (KYC) if your transaction amount is more than 990 euros.

What is KYC?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a process used by financial institutions and companies to verify customer identity and compliance with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing legislation. As part of KYC, customers are required to provide identification documents and other information to confirm their identity and the legitimacy of these financial transactions.

What should I do if my profile has been rejected during the KYC process?

If your profile has been rejected during the KYC process, you should contact Kvakomat support to find out the reason for the rejection and what additional steps or documents may be required to successfully complete the procedure.

What is proof of residency?

Proof of residency in the KYC (Know Your Customer) process is the provision of a document or documents that prove your residency. Such documents can be utility bills, bank statements or official letters with your name and address. This step is necessary to verify your identity and residence.

What documents do I need to provide to exchange a large sum of money, e.g. 10,000 euros?

To ensure security and regulatory compliance when exchanging large amounts, such as 10 thousand euros or more, we ask you to provide copies of both sides of your ID card, such as your passport or ID card. This step allows us to verify your identity and guarantee a high level of protection for your transactions. We make every effort to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible, while ensuring your security and privacy.

If I am already verified in KvaPay, can I not be verified in Kvakomat?

If you have already been verified in Kvapay payment service, you do not have to go through verification again to use Kvakomat cryptocurrency ATMs, and vice versa. You have a single customer profile that allows you to use both services without having to re-verify.

Any question? Send us message